The technological cross-over between the Marine and the Defence & Aerospace divisions as well as the research aimed to find new solutions as far as the availability of ready to use systems through the pneumatic technology allowed Eurovinil to introduce new product specifications, which defined new production standards.

The high technical level of our products is the result of a real partnership with our customers, with the aim to develop new products capable of satisfying their needs at the utmost and of solving functional problems in an innovative way, thus enabling the product to evolve substantially.

Nowadays Eurovinil is renown worldwide as one of the leading actors in the fields where it operates.

Its production, wholly Italian, based on the highest and certified quality standards, gives the final customer the consciousness of having a product in the van of progress both as far as performance and manufacture technology.

Manufacturing Processes

In the 30 thousand square meters plant of Eurovinil, its research and development department and its skilled technicians daily work in the respect of the highest quality standards required by the main public and private customers.

The long history of the company allowed the identification of original and reliable materials such as the E.M.C.® (EV Marine Compound) , an EV plastomer reinforced by a polyester fabric which is qualified to resist in a range of temperatures between -50ºC and +66ºC. and grants advantages such as easy repair and a unique resistance and durability.

The Eurovinil production technique is the high frequency welding (HFW), which avoid any interposed material such as glue or adhesives, thus excluding any possible detaching as once welded the two parts become one-piece; as a matter of fact the coupling of the two parts is obtained through the controlled molecular fusion. This technique allows a top level quality control, which should be difficult to obtain with different assembling techniques.

That’s why Eurovinil could get the primacy on an international level in the field of the pneumatic industry: the liferafts as well as the tents manufactured by Eurovinil represent the best response to any emergency as far as the rapidity of intervention.

Welding Technology

Beyond the research and the development of the most suitable material, that has been carried out for some years in accordance with the tests required by the different certifications, especially in the professional sector, what marks Eurovinil off is the welding technology.

Eurovinil, who’s experienced in the workmanship of technical plastomer coated fabrics, uses the High Frequency Welding (HFW), whereas such materials are generally hot-welded.

This technology , which takes advantage of the dielectric properties of a material submitted to a variable electric field, allows the joining of two parts without using any glue or adhesives but through the “controlled fusion” of the material.

As a further advantage, the H.F. welding does not create the dangerous annealing zones that are common in the hot-welding technique.

Eurovinil has probably the hugest park of high-frequency welding machines in the world.

Sustainable environmental care

Eurovinil pays due respect to the environment and follows an active policy as far as the recycling of production materials and the special waste collection and disposal.

During all the production phases Eurovinil provides for collection and store of production rejects and of the materials resulting from the periodical servicing of the rafts.

Eurovinil commits all its waste material to waste disposal companies approved for the collection, recycling and disposal.

In the detail, the materials that Eurovinil recovers according to the law prescriptions are:

  • Paper
  • Iron
  • Medicines

Beyond the law requirements, Eurovinil identified forwarding and waste disposal companies that are certified in accordance to the prescriptions of the European Waste Catalogue for those materials that cannot be accepted by the refuse disposal site of Grosseto, such as:

  • PVC fabric
  • PVC
  • Thermoplastic material (ABS)
  • Fibreglass
  • Polyethylene

In addition, Eurovinil designed and realized a special machine capable of cutting, emptying out and drying the polyethylene bags containing the raft water rations. The water recovered is then used for irrigation purposes.

In this way Eurovinil exceeds the law prescriptions and its recycling capability of the production materials brings direct environmental and economic benefits.


For all its products, both those destined to the professional or military markets and to the leisure one, Eurovinil uses a material named EV Marine Compound (E.M.C.®).

It is a fabric formed by a polyester support with a high tenacity (from 275 to 3.300 decitex ) that grants a very high resistance to traction, tearing and puncture, which is plastomer coated on both sides to make it water and airproof.

It is qualified to resist in a range of temperatures between -50ºC and +66ºC. thus allowing the production of items that can be employed even in rough environmental conditions and with high differences in temperature.