Eurovinil, the evolution of safety.

Eurovinil Survitec Group is synonymous with safety all over the world.
The production of liferafts and inflatable tents is carried out in compliance with the highest quality standards, certified and continuously updated.Conscious that safety is a value that cannot be renounced, Eurovinil fully devotes to it, by manufacturing products that are absolutely reliable in any emergency situation. Its advanced production technology, the high frequency welding, allows the perfect joining of fabrics, which could not be achieved with any other technique.

About Us

EurovinilEurovinil, established in 1958, is a leader firm in Italy as far as the research, design and production of inflatable items for the professional and leisure navigation and for the Armed Forces.

Safety, technology and quality are the distinguishing features of each single EV product.

In 1984 Eurovinil got the AQAP-1 certification for the quality management in the military sector and in 1989 the ISO 9001 certificate (nowadays ISO 9001:2000) in the civil one, first company in the leisure marine field in Italy.

Eurovinil manufactures a wide range of products destined to different markets : liferafts for the Navy and the professional and leisure navigation, products for the Armed Forces and the Civil Protection such as pneumatic structures, ultra-light liferafts for the Air Forces, items for the industrial market such as splitting cushions for the quarrying of marble slabs, etc.

In 1996 Eurovinil joined the English group Wardle Storeys.Ltd. which became Survitec Group Ltd. in February 2002. Survitec Group brings together inside the biggest names worlwide in the design, deployment and maintenance of safety equipment and survival. For this reason Eurovinil is pleased to announce the intention to adopt the brand of its holding Survitec, so that our customers may benefit fully from this comprehensive range of products and services. Customers will see soon signaling changes in buildings, to uniforms for employees, but they can be reassured that they will receive the same availability and expertice service offered up to now.

Our History

Eurovinil, established in 1958, started by manufacturing inflatable items for the spare time sphere such as beach products and promotional items for the most well known brands of that time (Walt Disney and Nivea just to mention the most famous) and in few years it became the market leader in this field, getting prestigious international acknowledgements.

In 1969 Eurovinil entered the pleasure navigation field introducing the first inflatable boat.

In 1977 Eurovinil manufactured the first self-inflatable liferaft for the recreational market, actually entering the safety field.

In 1984 the first professional liferaft for the Merchant Navy was produced and approved in compliance with the International Convention of Safety of Life at Sea (S.O.L.A.S.)

In 1985, further to the technological evolution coming from the experience in the marine field, Eurovinil started manufacturing the first pneumatic structures destined to the logistic and sanitary sector of the Armed Forces, the Civil Protection and humanitarian organizations such as the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders.

In July 1996 Eurovinil became part of the English Group Wardle Storeys and in 2002 of the Survitec Group of companies, which brings together the leading names involved in the design, manufacture, distribution and servicing of safety and survival equipment.

Eurovinil, which employs 100 people, is specialized in the production of Marine and Defence & Aerospace items and its system of quality management is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

At present, our range covers liferafts for the Merchant Navy, for cruise and fishing vessels and for the leisure navigation in the marine field and pneumatic structures for field hospitals, logistics and maintenance, NBC protection systems as well as ultra-light liferafts for the Air Forces in the Defence & Aerospace sector.

In addition, Eurovinil manufactures industrial items such as splitting cushions for the quarrying of marble slabs among others.