Coastaldry Liferaft

Coastaldry Liferaft

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It is a new rescue means designed by Eurovinil for boats sailing within 12 miles from the coast. It is approved in compliance with the Ministerial Decree N. 412 dated 29/09/1999, but exceeds its requirements as it prevents shipwrecked persons from remaining in the water while waiting for salvage, thus avoiding the risk of hypothermia.

It is a rectangular-shaped self-inflating rescue means that consists of two independent buoyancy tubes placed one on top of the other and of a bottom welded to the lower buoyancy, which allows the shipwrecked persons to remain dry. The inflation is ensured by two cylinders (one for each buoyancy) containing CO2 and nitrogen, activated by pulling the handle outside the valise.
It operates in a range of temperature between -18ºC and +65ºC.


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Technical Features

  • Parte pneumatica: E.M.C (EV Marine Compound)
  • Valise: 1100 Decitex fabric
  • Inflation system: VTE 99 multidirectional firing mechanism
  • Approval: Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports for the navigation within 12 miles from the coast